VULPvibe is an entertainment company begun and currently run by Renard. The company has released many albums under the name Renard and many more under alias. There is currently at least 15 different aliases of Renard each with a different style. Examples include Jackal Queenston (heavy drums and bass), Kitsune(Chiptunes), Emoticon (Trance-like), Klippa (Rap-like Techno), Mayhem (Punk), NegaREN (Raggeton-Happy core), Adraen (Dark-Light Happy-Badass Electro), Sonitus Vir (Romantic no Lyrics). The High Moral Fibre Album by Renard was the first released VulpVibe album...

VulpViBE has changed to the name LapFOX TRAX from 2009 and it is still on with live LapFOX RADIO. Now, music is the only thing being done due to some changes.

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