Mungyodance 2 Plus

Mungyodance 2 Plus

Author ExilE1
Year 2008
Game Mungydance 2, StepMania 3.9+
Status Work In Progress
Features 2 player (SM ONLY), Pump (SM ONLY), Edit Mode, Music Groups, Extra Mode, more
Rating N.A.

Mungyodance 2 Plus is a theme (recolor) made to replace the existing theme in MGD2, it also runs almost flawlessly in StepMania 3.9+. The menu music is replaced with a cut from the song Insanitarium, and instead of it being blue, it is now mostly red.

If permission is given from Renard this theme will be released. If not, you'll have to find it elsewhere.

ExilE, the maker of this theme, has more info about this on his website.

This theme is currently being ported over to MGD3, as an alternate theme (although it is doubtful anybody will use it).

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