Team Mungyodance, also known as Team MGD, Mungyoteam, every company name Renard has used for them, and the Not-Konami Team, is the team of steppers, artists and programmers of Mungyodance.

The Usual Gang of Idiots (lol Mad Magazine)Edit

  • Renard (Graphics, Steps, Music, Audio/Video, Interface Design, etc)
  • AJ (Programming)
  • InfamousPat (Programming)
  • Pyroko (Steps)
  • Jinxie (Steps, Graphics)
  • WinDEU (Steps, Courses)
  • JS (Steps)
  • DarkLink (Courses)
  • Warchamp (Courses)
  • Timmothy (Artwork)
  • KamiCheetah (Artwork)
  • DalSpots (Artwork)
  • m4st4k31 (balls licking)
  • Lightning (Graphic/3D Work)