MGD1 Grade System Edit

Mungyodance used a conventional letter grade system, set up as follows:

SS: All Perfect steps and Good holds.
S: All Perfect and Excellent steps, Good holds.
AA: 84% DP.
A: 73% DP.
B: 62% DP.
C: 51% DP.
D: 0% DP.
E: The game still keeps track of life, even though you can't fail. If your life hits zero, you get this grade.

MGD2 Paw System Edit

The Paw System is the system used in Mungyodance 2 to grade players on their performances of songs. The following grades are given as a result of the overall percent attained from hitting a number of steps:

8 Paws: 100%, full combo, no ModBombs hit. A perfect score.
7 Paws: 90%, can be full combo (see next section). A great score.
6 Paws: 80%. A good score.
5 Paws: 60%. A fair score.
4 Paws: 40%. A mediocre score.
3 Paws: 33%. A poor score.
2 Paws: 30%. A pretty poor score. This score is also obtained if AutoPlay was enabled.
1 Paw: <30%. The worst score.

Odd RatingsEdit

Though one can achieve 100%, that does not mean the player has obtained an 8-Paws score. There are two awkward 7-Paws outcomes in MGD 2 that test the player's patience and accuracy, which may cause frustration.

100% 7-Paws: The player has hit all steps and has held down all the holds to the end. However, hitting a ModBomb causes this phenomenon. Since not all songs have ModBombs, not all songs can end with a 100% 7-Paws.

Full-Combo 7-Paws: The player has hit all steps, but did not achieve 100%. This is because the player has not held down all holds to the end. Any song that lacks holds cannot end in an FC 7-Paws.

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