Destination series

Destination Five

First Song Destination
Artist Renard
No. Songs 2, 4 counting the Final Destination series, 5 counting Destination Helios
Spans MGD1, MGD2, MGD3
Average Difficulty 145

The Destination series is arguably the most well-known series from the Mungyodance line. The first song, Destination, debuted in the original Mungyodance in 2006. Destination was succeeded by Final Destination in Mungyodance 2, however the series seemed to have been split into two following that. A fifth Destination, Destination Unknown, was revealed in the Songlist Reveal on Renard's YouTube account. An updated version of Destination was included on Renard's digital album Relapse. Future Destination debuted on the digital album ON Trax Vol. 2.

List of Songs Edit

All songs by Renard unless noted otherwise.