Banana Tango


Artist Renard
Year 2006
Debut Mungyodance
BPM 0-290
Difficulties Easy, Medium, Hard, PRO
Ratings 64, 80, 100, 134
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Banana Tango by Renard is a song from Mungyodance. It samples very heavily from PARANOiA Survivor MAX by 290, from Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME. This aspect of the song was later parodied in the first, "mgd3 leak" songpack.

Banana Tango (the spanish remix)Edit

Banana Tango (the spanish remix)


Artist Renard
Year 2007
Debut N/A
BPM 158-224
Difficulties Easy
Ratings 2
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Banana Tango (the spanish remix) by RenarD is a parody of the original Banana Tango, first seen in Mungyodance. The song itself is PARANOiA Cueca, made by Bakke. It only has Easy steps.